As the online bilingual academic Journal of the Faculty of Humanities of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University  is committed to high standards of critical scholarly review and professional publishing judgment. Journal is under the editorial direction of its  independent editors. It is the journal editors who make all decisions regarding the content published in each issue; they ensure the accuracy, completeness, and originality of each article published. UHP supports our journal editors and sponsors in their efforts to manage their journals ethically and transparently, while adhering to established editorial principles and practices in their disciplines.

Additional information about each journal’s author guidelines may be accessed by going to the journal home page on our website and clicking on the “Guide for Authors” tab.


TSU-ti uses Turnitin Similarity Check to screen for unoriginal material. Authors submitting to a TSU-ti journal should be aware that their paper will be submitted to TurnItIn Check at any point during the peer-review or production process.

If the paper commits plagiarism, this may result in the following actions being taken, depending on the nature and severity of the case:

  • If a paper is still in peer review, it may be returned to the author with a request that they address the issues through appropriate citation, use of quote marks to identify direct quotes, or re-writing.
  •  If the similarity between the manuscripts is too extensive for revision, it may be rejected. 
  • If the paper is already published online, a correction*, expression of concern or retraction may be published. 
  • The author’s institution may also be informed.