According to the evaluation policy of the journal, the  reviewers are independent of the authors and are not affiliated with the same institution.

All articles submitted will be evaluated using a 100-point scoring system.

The article has a very good chance of being published in a Journal if both of the reviewers agree that the manuscript is good (positive assessment is considered 51 points).

The articles will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Content-related criteria (maximum score: 20 points)
    There are examined:  topicality of the assigned task and goal of the research.
  • In-depth analysis and quality of a research (maximum score: 20 points)
    There are checked: developing of the ideas presented by the author fully; in-depth and thorough study of a problem; accuracy of argumentation, concretization and complexity; relevance of scholarly literature with the researched subject.
  • Data reliability (maximum score: 20 points).
    Checking for the accuracy of data:  whether the author is based on first source of data; if all the cited sources are given in the reference list of the mentioned article.
  • Layout of the article (maximum score: 20 points).
    There are checked: if the article is well organized, whether each paragraph is sufficiently extensive.
  • Conclusions (maximum score: 20 points).
    There are checked: novelty and significance of the researched results; whether the conclusions are logical or not.


Notice: Reviewers should remain anonymous throughout the review process and beyond. The article will be rejected if its rating appears less than 51 points.