Our editorial board will ask to sign an author contract which gives us the right to publish the Version of Record of the article and share it in diversional repositories. This author contract incorporates the Creative Commons license of author's choice, which will dictate what others can do with your article once it has been published.

Authors should submit to the Editorial Office Board the following materials:

  • application 
  • A short scientific Biography
  • Article

Way of an article design and text format:

  • Language of an article - Georgian and/or English;
  • Full text of an article in Georgian language and a two-page abstract in English. After  preliminary agreement with Editorial Board, it is desirable that the author provide an English translation of an article as well. In such case the submission of a two-page abstract is not needed).
  • Foreign authors can submit only the full text of  an article in English;
  • Please submit articles as DOC (MS-Word), ODT, SXW(openOffice) or RTF (Rich Text Format) files.
  • Editor parameters for Word Windows;
  • Paper size A4'
  • Margins: top and bottom - 2 cm; left-right - 2.5 cm.
  • Georgian text is to be typed in Sylfaen and English - in Times New Roman.
  • Font size - 12'
  • Line spacing -1,0 (single);
  • Number of pages - 7-10;
  • Pages should not be numbered.

In the upper corner of the article the following information should be placed:

  • Data about an author (each co-author):
    • full name of author(s), (centralized, font size -12);
    • Brief academic profile (not more than 100 words);
  • Title of the paper (on center, Bold, font size 14);
  • Short summary (not more than 4-5 lines) in the original language (italic, font size 12); there should not been quotations from the used literature and/or pictures, schemes, drawings, illustrations, tables.
  • Keywords - not more than five (italic, font size 12);
  • Main text - (font size 12);
  • If there are drafts, drawings, schemes, pictures, illustrations, tables it is necessary:
    • The drafts, drawings, schemes, pictures, illustrations, tables should be given under the appropriate texts or on the following page;
    • The drafts, drawings, schemes, pictures, illustrations, tables (format - from 90X120 mm to 130X120 mm) should be numbered in Arabic numerals;
    • If there is only one illustration in the text, it is not numbered;
    • In case of necessity the drafts, drawings, schemes, pictures, illustrations, tables may be titled and/or supplemented with small interpretation, after the title of the material;
    • The drawing must be reflected on the screen accurately (discerning ability 96-150 dpi).
  • For submission both hardcopy assigned by an author and electron version are to be presented (address: 0179 Tbilisi, 1 Chavchavadze av, TSU, room 204).