The Royal Text in the History of Abyssinia during the reign of Emperor Amda Seyon (1314-1344): translation and analytic study




Researchers divide Ethiopian history into two main eras, the first of which begins in the fourth century AD with the entry of Christianity into Ethiopia during the era of King Ezana (1). The history of this period depends on a group of inscriptions and excavations. Some historical news continues until the end of the fifth century AD, almost until the era of Caleb and his campaigns to southern Arabia, then Ethiopia enters its dark ages, which extended until the middle of the thirteenth century AD, through which we do not receive any documents, manuscripts or inscriptions that tell what happened in those days. The historical period, except for some scattered news about the Agawi dynasty that ruled Ethiopia from the tenth century until the thirteenth century AD.

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Rasha Elsayed Said Ahmed /Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo University

  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Department of Oriental Languages and Literature, Semitic Languages ​​Branch. Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.

Specialization: : Hebrew language and literature. Judaism religion. Ancient, Medieval and Modern Jewish History.

  • Holds a master’s degree. Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.

Specialization:  Ancient Ethiopian language “Ge’ez”, Ethiopian literature and history. Study of the internal affairs of Ethiopia during the Middle ages. And its religious, political and commercial external relations with Arab Republic of Egypt. As well as it’s commercial relations with each of Arabian Peninsula in its parts (Syrian Arab Republic, Hijaz, Yemen). And Southeast Asia.

  • The book for the master’s thesis has been published and preserved now in the libraries of Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, and the Alexandria International Library in Egypt.



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